We specialize in the 5 Senses Method, a hands-on educational program taught with The Amazing Journey of Clarence Carrot workbook dedicated to teaching young children taste discovery and development, and a lifetime of healthy eating habits.

In addition to our youth-focused educational program, we work with caregivers of all ages to create a healthy food program focused on taste development and wellness for children taught in a fun and playful method.

The Amazing Journey of Clarence Carrot

The Amazing Journey of Clarence Carrot workbook is a new educational program designed for educators, parents, caregivers and anyone interested in promoting healthy eating habits in children.

The program encourages children to look at food differently: with curiosity and wonder – opening their minds towards unknown deliciousness while learning how to keep their bodies healthy.

Clarence Carrot Book by Chris Mahoney

In the first part of the workbook you will find information on nutrition and taste development, how to get parents involved and how to create great taste fun. Then, five engaging stories follow Clarence Carrot as he encourages listeners to participate in activities to become Taste Champions just like him.

With our hands-on approach, little ones experience tasting healthy foods using the 5 Senses Method, a process that presents taste introduction in a fun and playful way.

Adults and children enjoy traveling with Clarence to a world of new scents, colors, flavors, and lots of fun!

The Program

Teaching about nutrition to young children is the key to developing healthy eating habits.

The Amazing Journey of Clarence Carrot program is for anyone interested in cultivating healthy eating habits in an easy, fun approach to taste development.

For teachers and educators of children ages 4 to 8, it offers easy-to-understand information on nutrition, simple recipes and hands-on activities encouraging young palates to develop their taste buds and become Taste Champions. Plus, the workbook is ideal for new parents, a grandparent or caregiver involved in feeding little ones as young as four months old (when we begin to introduce new foods).

Clarence Carrot motivates kids to taste a colorful, beneficial world of fruits and veggies using stories, games and activities. Stories and “Do and Think” activities focus on observing food and learning about nutrition.

The Amazing Journey of Clarence Carrot workbook is supported with a Tool Box filled with pictures and a material taught in the workbook. The program can be used in day care centers, schools, hospitals, scouting programs, summer camps and many other child-focused environments.

The 5 senses method

Join Clarence and his friends on this Amazing Journey and get inspired to help children become Taste Champions.

This book is packed with ideas that challenge young children to use their 5 senses. All 5 senses are used to explore and discover new, yummy things to eat.

Through listening, playing, crafting, making music, moving, smelling and tasting, kids will absorb information to promote good health for their entire lives!

Meet Clarence and His Friends Children’s Books

As in the workbook, a cast of colorful characters that appeal to young children come alive in a series of books made exclusively to accompany The Amazing Journey of Clarence Carrot textbook.

I am a Taste Champion is a short story written for children ages 3 to 8.

Learn More

Meet Molly Mushroom is a short story written for children ages 3 to 8.

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Promoting taste development in young children

Coaching, Speaking and Workshops

Our team has a great heart for children. You can count on us for:

One on One Coaching

We serve parents who have a hard time getting their child to try new healthy foods.


We offer easy to understand information in a fun and entertaining way.


We give workshops for teachers, child care givers, health coaches etc… about how to work with the new program: The Amazing Journey of Clarence Carrot.

Please contact us with your questions or to schedule a meeting!

Our Story



Chris Mahoney (teacher, mom, and leader in developing educational projects for the Flemish government), has had a relationship with healthy food since playing in her father's vegetable garden and orchard, through cooking classes with top Belgium chefs, and most recently as a Certified Holistic Health Coach.

In Europe and the U.S., Chris has successfully motivated, equipped, and inspired parents, teachers and educators to work with the '5 senses method' to improve taste development in young children. She is a strong believer in the power of telling stories as a tool to introduce new and unknown things in life.

Her book: The Amazing Journey of Clarence Carrot is the culmination of Chris's passion for educating about nutrition, promoting healthy eating in families, and play! Chris and Clarence have a lot in common, and she is pretty sure that you will love him! Her book is now available at Amazon.com.

Chris lives in Pennsylvania



LouLou is a childrens room designer, muralist and illustrator. For over 18 years LouLou has been creating Happy havens for children. Her work is featured in residential and commercial places, including hospitals, early education centers and entertainment facilities – she is recognized nationally not only for her creativity but for her one-of-a-kind design elements and interiors.

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